A Conversation: Intimate images

As I sit and ponder through the masses of scanned black and white film images on my laptop, I can’t help but think about the “intimate image” and what that exactly means to me. 

For a long time, my aim was to make authentic, intimate and raw images. From young, when first I picked up the camera and started photography, I would look through National Geographic magazines, to gain inspiration. The photos were coined exotic. Photographers on photo assignments in far away countries and cities. “This is what I wanted to do”, I told myself, “These are the photos I want to make”. This isn’t the case for me now. For a long time, I felt that in order to create authentic and raw images, I had to travel to some far away country, to find what i was looking for. That somehow, being away from my own immediate environment I was able to find inspiration, and the right I was always looking and searching to make, but this isn’t the case for me now. 

Inspired by many personal documentary photographers, the works that speak the most to me are the most simple. Photographers who have documented their partner, their immediate environment, or their familiar routes and places. 

The “intimate” image doesn’t have to be so far. In fact, the intimate image is right in front of you. Many people make the mistake that in order to take “amazing” images, you have to travel, you have to go and explore exotic places, like it’s a rite of passage. If i’ve learnt anything in 2017, it’s that intimate images come from the people you love and the immediate environment you are within. It’s your partner, brushing their teeth in your bathroom, their dirty clothes left tangled on the floor next to yours, it’s the route you walk everyday to get to work. It’s being able to make a body of work without leaving your apartment. It’s the mundane and banal subjects that most people shrug off and dismiss. You don’t look or search for the image, they are there already.

The photos are life itself. These are the photographs that matter to me. These are the moments that I capture. This is the photography I hope to do for the rest of my life.   

Morocco Works

At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to travel to Morocco for month with my Mum. This was out 2nd visit to the country, and despite being quite young the first time, I was very excited to go back, now with a camera in my hand. After months of telling myself to scan and edit all the 120mm negatives I shot, I have been recently inspired to create a small photo-book. I believe photography really comes alive in the editing and sequencing process - this is where you are able to finally see all your images in depth. 

Time will only tell when this will be completed, but right now I am just piecing together all the images and editing all the photographs I have scanned.   

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