I Love You (2018)

It never occurred to me that photography could exist so close to home. I never realised that photographs made my one-bed room rented apartment could lead to a body of work. But in 2017 I fell in love and with that love came a new way of seeing and appreciating my own environment. 

This book is about the love I have for my partner and the love we share for photography. With cameras strewn around the apartment, both of us would grab them at any moment and make pictures of anything we felt like. It is the intimate and hard to apprehend details that give life its texture. The seemingly mundane moments create the fabric of our experience. 

Using 35mm black and white film, we photographed each other in the kitchen, the living room, at the dinner table, in the bathroom and bedroom; nothing was off limits.

 Over the course of a year we shot close to 100 rolls of film in the apartment and this book is a testament to the time we have spent together. Making this book I have used images that I made and that my partner made, but the process, editing and sequencing were all done by myself. In some ways, it is certainty a collaboration, however it is a book that I have directed, like a screenplay. 

This is my life, our life, and it’s just the beginning.

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