To Whom It May Concern (2018)

A collection of three handmade concertina artist books.

Nur Aishah Kenton

There is no separation between life and art, between photography and love. My photographs explore these elements, not only as a photographer, but also as a partner, and at times, a subject in my own work.

My partner is my main subject, and there is nothing that is out of bounds, nothing that cannot be photographed in our relationship. However, it is not the risqué nor the sensational that I am interested in making images of; what I find compelling are walks to the supermarket, afternoons laying in the park, long drives and other daily happenings that we do together. The language of photography exists in these moments as much as it does in any circumstance, and they are often flashed with illuminating light, creating contrast and a certain aesthetic. It is quite a contradiction that my pictures are often dark, but life itself is bright. It has never been brighter.

I do not aim to go out and photograph anything in particular, and in this respect, I have learned to put faith in the process of photography. Making the images comes naturally, but that is only the beginning of the process. The rolls of film are developed and scanned and sometimes I forget what I have photographed. The process of piecing the work together only comes when I sequence the photographs, and it is only then that I start to see what it is that I am doing.

Sequencing pictures in book form is my main practice, and the exhibition is centred around the books that I have made. The photographs come together in the books to create a narrative that has come directly from life, my life. The resulting photographs are to whom they may concern.

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